American Apparel adapted Skirt/Dress, Stefanel wool Shrug,
Fred de la Bretoniere Shoes, Louis Vuitton Bag
Topshop steam punk watch Necklace, 
Vintage wide Belt, No name Tights
I’ve always loved the light effects made by the sun. Especially that yellow light that you sometimes see that just surrounds everything in a warm embrace. Well, yesterday the sun was wonderful, for it kept going in and out of the clouds creating such interesting light shades. I still think it’s amazing to see how the same thing can look so different and even change colors depending whether the sun hits it directly or not.

For lack of other inspiration, I converted my AA skirt into a dress and belted it (is that even a word? note to self to look it up) with the wide double buckle belt that I found at my favourite vintage store in Monaco (Le Dressing on Rue des Oranges). The neckalce watch, which is from my latest Topshop buy, I turned backwards for a more steampunk look (or ‘Benjamin Button’ reminiscent, as Denisa called it) and let the mechanism show.

So to the fair we went. We didn’t stay long, yet it it was very fun, even if a bit crowded and hot inside. Still the quality of vintage items on sale is greatly improving from fair to fair (the jewelry was amazing!) so it was definitely worth going. Now I think I’m off to the second part of the fair (on Sunday it’s different people, different stuff), and will fill you in on my vintage finds from over the weekened, as soon as possible!