H&M Ruched Sleeve Top, H&M Double Layer Skirt, Zara Jacket,
Swarovski Butterfly Brooches, Mango Headband,
Marc Jacobs Buckle Strap Patent Shoes
With Fashion Weeks underway, we’ve all been watching the runway photos and videos (with some lucky one the actual runway) to spot the latest collections and trends. Usually, I’m all about the clothes, yet this time something else caught my eye. It was the hair styling, or more exactly, what I like to call “the classy beehive.” Ever since I saw the first shot of the Karl Lagerfeld RTW F2010 I couldn’t stop thinking about this Amy Winehouse reminiscent hairdo. And classy beehives  seemed to be everywhere from  the Fall 2010 Prada in Milan and Giles in Paris to Vera Wang’s Spring 2011. I knew that I would not have peace of mind until I tried it.
I went for Karl’s black wide headband look, and with some patience and a lot of hairspray I came up with an encouraging first time result. The methods used to achieve this are best left unsaid, trust me.  Suffice to say, it took just as long to put down as it did to put up. Still, always keep in mind to use quality hair products (e.g. I used Joico K-Pak medium hold) as you can always tell the difference, not only in the way your hair looks during, but most importantly after. And, for those of you interested, I did find a rather useful video tutorial brought to us by Ford Models.
Maybe it was just because of the headband, but I thought that a preppy outfit worked best with this hairdo. Just perfect to try out the H&M top and skirt I got in Amsterdam (isn’t the Art Deco print on the skirt fab?) with the very comfortable black jacket. I topped the look off with a couple of Swarovski brooches (the more the merrier when it comes to jewelry, n’est pas?) and the high heel Mary Janes by Marc Jacobs that I found at a vintage store.