Today I got up way earlier than usual, yet in the best of moods. And while I didn’t have time to prepare an article, I’ll simply leave you with the photographic results of this morning. 🙂

Wearing a McQ red and white stripes tshirt

with a dark blue Zara skirt.

 and Dior flats with little golden bees on the buckle.

 I just love this yellow and wonderful light in the morning. 

The bee and flower ring I got in LA, and although it really does look like it could be from a Dior collection, it really isn’t. And the nail polish is OPI, called Dating a Royal. Doesn’t OPI have the cutest nail polish names?

This is the matching necklace for the ring. I know I didn’t actually include it in the outfit, still I just had to show it to you.
The photo’s a new technique that someone was sweet enough to share with me and that I’m trying out now for the first time.

Have a beautiful morning!