Faux Leopard Coat & Black Jersey Dress from Victoria’s Secret
Headband made from Mango yellow scarf & Vintage black scarf
Accessories tights, Fred de la Bretoniere suede shoes
Barefoot in Barcelona by OPI nail polish
I’ve been battling with my animal instinct against leopard prints for a long time, but it seems that I’m ready to call it a truce. It has always been my strong belief that an outfit containing any leopard item can easily become tacky. On top of that, I’m not a big fan either of real fur (if I can avoid being the cause of pain, why shouldn’t I?), or of fake one (it can easily look cheap). Yet it seems that the quality of fake furs has greatly improved since the last time I looked into it. (btw have you noticed how we’re calling it faux now, instead of fake? Just so fake can have a negative connotation all the way, talk about political correctness . . ) And also that the runways are full of leopard outfits. And that they look better than good. They’re quite phenomenal!
So I gave it a shot with the leopard coat that I just order from the Victoria’s Secret website (if you look hard enough you can find a some really nice stuff) and I have to say it’s just terrific! The coat’s easy to wear, comfy and soft, what more could one ask for, at least in that price range. I also wore the new suede shoes that I got in Amsterdam and which are just heavenly made and a dream to wear. While we were shooting these my dog Blacky came to keep me company as if to show her approval for the faux coat. It seems that the leopard is here to stay!