A picnic at the seaside is what I did over the weekend. Having nothing more interesting to do in the city, we (aka me and a few friends) decided to take a drive to the Black Sea for the day. It was cloudy and windy, an actually perfect weather for the isolated, all seashell beach that was the setting for our picnic.

So with cheese, crackers, fruit and champagne stuffed in this lovely picnic basket, which I found at Debenhams, we were settled.

Even though a bit difficult to get there,

I had some reading to do,

And when we got there, the beach was a beautiful sight.

And except for a few very retro looking trailers,

it was quite deserted.

So walking by an old abandoned machine gun nest from Second World War . . .

we searched for a nice spot for out blanket.

After some consideration . . .

We ate, we laught, we posed for a photo. I’m wearing a vintage white cotton dress with no-name red rubber flats and vintage sunglasses.

We even put on an extra cardi because of the wind (mine’s from the Victoria’s Secret website)

ups! there’s sand in my champagne

And a ladybug on my glasses 🙂

So after a wonderful day, we left the seashell beach . . .

and the countryside road

and went home 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

And now for the moment some of us have been waiting for . . . By luck of the draw (I really couldn’t decide and would have loved to reward eveyone for all the beautiful comments that made my heart skip more than one beat, thank you so much everyone!) the lovely one who will receive the Marc by Marc bangle is . . .

Denise !!!

(please send me your address at ioanaliliana@gmail.com so I can mail the gift to you 🙂