Bad things happen. Try as you might to avoid it, people get hurt, things get taken away, others are mean, friends die. 

Yet, it is not the possibility that something might disrupt the harmony of our lives which scares me. It is the fear of not crying afterwards that I always find troubling.

I’ve read that crying releases endorphins into the body, helps both with blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems, and is the ultimate stress reliever.

Still, it is not the fear of not benefiting from these advantages that I am worried about. Worst yet, what if the sadness is just too big to translate into crying?

If you too share my fear, worry not, for when the time comes you’ll cry your eyes and soul out, and still have some leftover tears for later.

The only comfort I now (after the first couple of crying series have ended) find is to know that I have truly and exhaustively enjoyed every moment of the time I was given to spend with my loved one.

You might read these words and judge them as repetitive of something you’ve heard before, and empty of meaning. 

If they are repetitive, it is because they are true. And only if you do not take them into consideration and do not apply them, will they become empty.

Anything that you now consider to be simple, will save your broken soul when it’s all over. A hug, a kiss, and a photo of someone you love are all you need. 

Because showing your love will never go out of fashion.

This one’s for my oldest and most loyal friend, my beloved cocker Blacky ♥