The world around us is full of inspiration, yet if there is something which offers me endless inspiration that is the Universe. The actual Universe that is, with its galaxies, stars, clouds, colors, lights, oh I could go on and on. I could just look at pictures of the Universe for hours on end!
And it seems like I’m not the only one, for universe prints seems to be popping up everywhere. Acne’s Zora silk-blend T-shirt and the Digital Scarfs by Your Eyes Lie both sport prints of the niverse. Yet the news of the week is Peter Pilotto’s for Kipling exclusive GIVEAWAY offered by the new and improved Dazed Digital.

For a chance to win this awesome galaxy print rucksack, just e-mail your name and print preference (Machine or Galaxy) to before Friday 00.00am GMT 17th of October 2010. And for more info do go here.
Hope you enjoy my Universe mood board, and if you want any of the individual photos, I’ll happily send you the link!