Vintage silver cross, Tiffany necklace,  
Wildfox t-shirt, Alexander Mcqueen tights, Zara pumps

My love affair with vampires began with the flowing prose of Anne Rice and with the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and a very young Kirsten Dunst. I must say, Antonio Banderas was not to shabby either. The aforementioned were magnificent vampires, gorgeous creatures, powerful, dangerous, and, let’s not forget, forever young. What’s not to fall in love with?

A lot of time spent reading most of Rice’s novels and seeing virtually all the “Interview with the Vampire” re-runs passed. For some reason Dracula and Bram Stocker never sparked much interest. Perhaps it was too close to home and somehow unreal. It was not long though until mainstream media allowed me to further indulge in my fascination with vampires. This was possible through a TV series by the name of “Buffy, the vampire slayer.” She was a teenager, I was a teenager. She had a love/hate relationship with vampires, I had a strange attraction towards them. I think you know were I’m going with this. We clicked.

Yet the series ended, and in the mean time I too grew up and started developing other interests. Or so it would seem, for the story doesn’t end here. Fret not as it doesn’t continue with anything Twilight related. What it does continue with is my currently favourite TV show, the magnetic and engaging, True Blood. Southern America at it’s best. The best opening credits ever. Alexander Skarsgård . I rest my case.

Still as amazing as True Blood is, the fact is that the media with its ‘I bleed for vamps’ craze has turned my vampire fascination into a public affair. And this was something I preferred enjoying in the dark. Nevertheless, as it happens, there are still a few hidden blood soaked gems out there. And one of these is the movie “Let The Right One In“, a Swedish film that is truly beyond words. A love story narrated in a visually stunning manner that I urge you to watch. Do not be put off by the any horror labels that it might have. As someone who couldn’t sleep properly for days after only reading a review for Saw, I recommend the movie with all my heart. I promise, these are a couple of hours that you will not regret spending in front of a screen.

You all have a wonderful night now 😉