There’s no surprise to any of you who know me that magazines are my love and addiction. So just imagine my excitement to see the first printed pictures of me in colorful glossy mags!
I couldn’t wait to open the September issue of Elle (yes, the SEPTEMBER one!!) to find yours trully in a special Street Fashion section. Elle is really one of the few Romanian fashion mags that I actually read and not only browse. So to be featured amoung the “Young People Who Are Revolutionizing Romanian Street Fashion” is just such a treat!

And to top it all there’s the feature in Sodis Mode. You might remember me mentioning it before, yet there’s nothing like holding the actual magazine!

and there’s nothing like the smell of paper!
except maybe for the smell of antique books *giggle*
I really must thank you with all my heart for giving me the inspiration and energy to create and keep on posting. Reading all your lovely comments, seeing you wonderful blogs, and knowing that maybe you are also inspired makes all the difference. It is with you beautiful people that I want to share the joy!
*With all my