A lot of the things that I love I have open-heartedly presented on this blog. Fashion, that’s an obvious one, but also books, magazines, paper . . .  Still there is one thing which is very close to my heart and that I have not yet covered. And that is interior design.

When I first entered Amsterdam’s Estherea hotel, I was trully impressed. From the sliding wooden front doors to the charming rooms, this hotel is really a sight. But surely it is not the only beautifully decorated hotel I have crossed paths with. Yet what this familly-owned business has more than others, and plenty off, is a warm and, not only welcoming, but also do-please-feel-at-home atmosphere. Trully an example of remarkable hospitality.

Indeed I could go on and on about the wonderful design and great service of this hotel, so I will let you enjoy a few of the pictures that I took while at Estherea. Enjoy 😉

As always . . .