A.P.C Checked Shirt, Levis Skirt
American Apparel Tights, Camaieu Hat
Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Cherry Shoes

Samuel Drew said that “The age of pixies, like that of chivalry, is gone.” 
Well I can promise you that this is not true. The mischievous fairies known as pixies DO still exist. If you’re wondering whether I’ve gone mad, the answer is no. The only thing that did happen was the opening of the lovely Pixie Shoes shop, which I attended on Wednesday. I go a change to catch up with darling Sanziana, which I need to congratulate again for the opening of the shop! I’ve also met up with my dear friends Alice and Nookie (who did an awesome job organising the event!). And also got the chance to meet Elisa, the very inspiring curator of 10th Muse, the delightful Koko of Special K, and the lovely girls behind Bucharest Style. It was a wonderful evening!

isn’t the personalised candy just the cutest touch?
And the items from the goodie bag are not the only thing that’s cute. They have very cute shoes, and with such a great location (just behind Cocor), the shop is a must see for everyone in Bucharest.