I’m still behind with catching up with everything that happened in the blogosphere while I was away, yet I do hope to fix this by the end of this week. While the giveaway is still valid, so comment away, I love to read about what you love, I have to share some news with you. My love for paper is not news to you, but my first feature in a printed magazine probably is! It came as a surprise for me to when the very sweet and intelligent Annika asked if I would be interested in a feature in the Swedish mag Sofi’s mode.  So after more than a dozen emails I now have a new and dear friend, and this to show:

I just can’t wait to receive the printed version of this, yet in the mean time, for all of you Swedish-speaking ones, check out more here. Again, really, thank you so much Annika! ❤ I’m so happy and honored to know such a beautiful, both inside and outside, person ❤

In other news . . .

There’s also my feature as La Chatterie‘s Lolita on AloModa with the beautiful photography of Catalin Margescu.

I must also mention two other great friends, who in their turn mentioned me. First there’s Alice from Dulapul Bunicii who’s happy about the way I wear her very unique accessories. I do hope I make her proud!

The fabulouss Mina from Faboulista who being her usual sweet self sweet mentioned the new website. She’s also considering a blog make-over, so do let her know if you have any suggestions or opinions.

And last, but so not least, there’s Clare whom I’m sure you all already know from her amazing blog I like Tweet, and who’s talking about our Pen Pal adventure here. I’m due a post on the second (and AWESOME) package I received from her, stay tuned 😉

This is all for today, I’ll check back soon.

Have a great one!

Hugs and Love,