Lately I’ve been feeling anxious. It might be because of the change of weather. It might be because I have a lot on my mind. The self-imposed deadlines don’t help either. Or it might be an old feeling that I wasn’t expecting so soon. That feeling that for me usually comes with the wind, the need to get away. There’s nothing to get away from, but there are a lot of places to get away to. I’ve been thinking of deserted grey sandy beaches with rocky sea cliffs.

. . . listening to Sigur Ros – Heima * . . .

Just now as I started writting I realised that the entire outfit is from Zara. The skirt and the jacket I just bought (btw isn’t the new collection just so cute and feminine, plus utterly marine-ish?), while the blouse is from last year from my mom. The bee shoes I got last year from the Dior store in Monaco, and yes those bees are just the cuttest and oh-so-spring appropriate.
For some more inspiration here are some scans from the French magazine Femina, Numero 167, 1er Janvier 1908 . . .  Expect to see a lot more from here as I’m hyper for finding it and the artwork is simply incredible.

Yachting Suit

French explorer and oceanographer Jean Charcot embracing his baby daughter moments before embarking for the South Pole. The captain of the Pourquoi pas? vessel was accompanied by his wife until the last European port.

L’heure du bain

* translator note: heima means ‘at home’** in Icelandic

** personal note: home IS where the heart is.