As I mentioned before I had some good finds at the fabulously fabulous fair from the other weekend. Yet until I manage to do outfit shots with each and every one of them, here’s my sneak preview 🙂

And because I don’t seem to get enough of these fairs, yesterday I went to the British Gallery (which just became one of my favourite stores) to attend Fashion Picnic. There where so many beautiful things, but my main purpose was to pick up some wonderful goodies from my friend Lana. I cannot wait to show them properly!

Speaking of Fashion Picnic, can anyone tell me why did the lineup include ChouChou, when the only shoe sector representative was PixieShoes? I just noticed it on my wait out as there was no one I knew at the stand and when I recognised some of the lovely Pixie Shoes.

One more thing before I go submit my kitchen to my first attemt at a pumpkin pie (yaa, I got pumpkins already 🙂 Yesterday my love for fashion wasn’t the only one that I took care of, but my passion for books as well with a find from the Gallery, The Lady’s Book of Manner, a guide on how to become a perfect lady. How cute is that?

“A sincere regard for the rights of others in the smallest things (as well as in the largest) genuine kindness of the heart; good taste, and self-command, which are the foundation of good manners, are never out of fashion.”