My inspiration and motivation for this blog comes from you dear bloggers 
And since you give me so much, I though I’d give something back. That is why today I am introducing a new category, ’10 Things I heart about . .’ A category which will feature an interview with one of my dear bloggers. Also, as a little surprise I asked the boyfriend to help me out with an illustration. Hope you enjoy 😉
I do love you all and feel so inspired from you work and your support for me, so I just can’t wait to interview each and everyone of you! Still someone had to go first. She was the one who first insisted and continually supported me in starting a fashion blog, so I thought who’d better to inaugurate this new category other then the fab Mina of Faboulista!
For being one to appreciate normality 

One day I stumbled upon a small style blog and I quickly became addicted. These owners of the blogs were 2 normal girls with normal budgets and normal body sizes (they are both petites).They had incredible style and shared it with others on the internet. I have always enjoyed the idea of sharing my outfit ideas with others but these 2 girls basically pushed me to have the courage to do it over the internet with strangers. I realized you dont have to look like a model (although most big style bloggers do) to be able to influence others.

While still aiming for perfection

If I’d have just one superpower it would be the ability to turn back time and erase some major mistakes but still have the ability to learn from them.

For her great advice

Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. Just compare your own work from the past and try to improve from there. And always remember why you started blogging in the first place!

Her desire to connect

I didn’t want to become a blogger. I just wanted a method to share my outfits with others. Blogging allowed me to do that.

Her notable choice of recommended fashion blogs

  1. Sea of Shoes

2. The cherry blossom girl 

3. Miss Pandora 

4. Style Scrapbook 

5. Chic Muse 

6. Fashion is a Playground ( this one is not as known as others but she is just amazing)

Her eclectic style

My style’s  all over the place.  I really love to wear things from a lot of different styles. Its not to say that I don’t gravitate towards one style more than others. As I have already mentioned numerous times on my blog I love the bohemian/gypsy looks. Flowy dresses and skirts, colourful prints, ethnic touches, they really are just wonderful I think. Every time I go on vacation I buy an ethic piece from that country. I think your look becomes that much more original when you incorporate pieces with a strong heritage. I also love flashiness. Sequins and lots of gold!

Her love for unique clothing

I have this huge obsession lately that I want to pass to my daughter a beautiful closet of special clothes that she can wear them as vintage when she grows up hence why I am becoming a hoarder. My biggest fear is that I will only have boys or that my girl will be a tomboy.

Her passion for Kenzo 

Their fall collection was just amazing! I could wear each and every one of that outfit.

Her appreciation for Romanian designers

Right now I think my favourite item is the Corina Vladescu Roisin dress that I am absolutely dying to wear but I have to save it for the occasion I bought it for which is next June.

The beautiful outfit photography

My darling boyfriend, George who is passionate about photography takes my photos. Both our passions ( mine for blogging, his for photography) started about the same time so it worked perfect for both us. He has a constant subject and I have a constant photographer.