We Dine is a highly sensuous culinary & socializing experience, based on the pop-up dining concept and aimed at bringing together co-punctual friends or strangers.

Based in Bucharest-Romania and born from two culinary-oriented mothers, We Dine promises to be more than a “serving dinner experience”. You might eat the best “Magret de Canard” of your life, or you might encounter your future Partner in Life&Crime. You will listen to live piano solos, while taste-tasting a home-made homage to Julia’s Child “frenchising”.

Because we do not want to create a Food Manifesto, but a modern contemporary Dining Movement, that shall interblend and meld food, music, drinks, conversations, popular topics, old rememberings, people and all the rest.

It could be a winter over-loaded with carbs Country Dinner or a deconstructed & constructed Traditional Romanian Feast. A glamorous black-tie Champagne Event or a jeans & t-shirt Movie & Dine Night-Out.

And at the end of the day, you should consider the nightmare & the pain of the predictable remorse that might haunt your sleep while saying ” You could have eaten that!”. So don’t miss a single opportunity of Eating That & Being There!

So help us Gordon Ramsey and Martha Stewart!

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