eleanor parker

Eleanor Parker via Tumblr

Yes, my darlings, the day has come that I am finally able and happy to say that I have stopped being a fashion blogger. When I started fashion blogging I was reading Style Bubble and watching Style Bytes, and everyone wanted to revolutionize fashion and revitalize Zines, it was a time when you stopped and think before hitting the post button. Now, everyone wants to have their pictures taken, be invited to all the parties, and get all the freebies. Basically, we’ve all turned into socialites with little to nothing to say, and  with no other survival method than endorsing any brand that comes our way.

But to make a cynical story short, this is The Day I Stopped Being A Fashion Blogger:

– the day when I remembered that I like writing more than letting someone take a picture of me.

– when I realized I actually don’t care about being liked by people I’ve never met.

– when we started calling a set of pictures projects and going on Facebook work.

– the day I started taking pictures for other and not for myself.

– when we started becoming the Kardashians of fashion, and providing content without substance.

– the day I noticed that every girl wearing a dress and matching shoes and bag declares herself a fashionista.

– when I realized I received more feedback on a colorful skirt than on the article, or on a selfie than on real fashion related news.

– and the day I stopped waiting for Darwinism to prevail.

As for Fashezine, I’m keeping the name, mostly because the a new set of business cards is already paid for, but really because this is still a place that emphasized originality and quality. Fashezine is a community now more than ever, so don’t forget about submitting. And thank you all who have already sent submissions this way!