I know Mondays are not anyone’s cup of tea, but since we can’t erase them from the calendar, we might as well make the best of them. And, as always, alcohol is  a valid solution! I’m really not kidding because Finlandia Vodka is giving us a reason to love Mondays: the SWITCH ON parties.

Together with Interbelic Victoria, Finlandia is launching a new concept of parties which will surely make your Mondays less than ordinary. As for myself, I’m pleased to inform you that I will be your witchy storyteller for the evening.

Perceptions change, conventions no longer stand, and we say goodbye to routine! Good vibes, lights, unconventional cocktails, good food, music and friends are all going to be on the menu for Monday. So get ready because on May 12, May 26, June 9 and June 23 the Witch is telling a different story.

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