M&M cookies, yes! Or bits of sunshine and happiness if you will 🙂
Since I first found a bunch of recipes for these on that is surely the ultimate food-porn website, TasteSpotting,  I kept making them until I found one with which I’m now really happy. It’s basically a version of the recipe found at sophistimom, and it goes like this . .
375gr all-purpose Flour
(I actually ended up using about 400gr, but start with 375 and go from there)
1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
3/4 teaspoon Salt
220gr unsalted, room temperature Butter
380gr Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tablespoon pure Vanilla
1 tablespoon Cinnamon
(well, actually I used about 2 or 3, but I’m a cinnamon freak)
1 pack M&M candies
(small or medium depending on how many you want on there)
Pre­heat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.
In a bowl sift and mix all dry ingredients (flour, bak­ing pow­der, and salt).
Set aside.
In another bowl, using an elec­tric mixer, cream the butter until smooth and light.
Gradually add the sugar and continue beating until fluffy.
On low speed add the eggs, one by one, then the vanilla.
Gradually add you dry ingredients too.
Scoop out ball of dough and place them about 5 cm apart on the baking sheet.
Press as many M&M as you can onto your ball of dough, don’t worry if they seem too many as they will spread out.
Using a clean glass, flatten each ball slightly with the bottom of tha glass.
Place it on the middle rack of your over and bake for about 12min, until just golden on the edges.
After removing the tray from the oven let that cookies rest for about 5min.
Then transfer to a cooling rack.

Just perfect for a sweet breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning.

Serve with coffee with/and/or milk.
Keep these happy cookies covered and they’ll be good for at least a week. If there will be any left 🙂