#Jofía, how they delightfully dub themselves on Instagram, are the latest in celebrity couples to get hitched, and we’re still delighted with the gorgeous photos that are popping up all over social media. A particular showstopper is Sofia’s stunning wedding gown, especially designed by our designer crush Zuhair Murad. Who, when asked about the actress’ style, said:

“She’s very much in control of her image. She knows how to dress for her figure, choosing the designs that enhance her hourglass shape and show her marvelous curves.”

And who, in an interview with Vogue.com, gave all the inside details about THE DRESS!

  • Approximately 11 pounds of sequins
  • Approximately 6.6 pounds of pearls
  • 350 crystals
  • 32 atelier employees working on the gown
  • 1,657 total hours of labor


“It’s a fitted dress because we wanted to see her beautiful curves, but at the same time there is the removable outerskirt so later on she can remove the ball gown skirt. We wanted something very spectacular and grandiose.”

And grand it was!