1 first kiss

“It’s all life is. Just going ’round kissing people.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald –

So this Monday, and I have a suspect feeling that it goes for the entire week, I’m in the mood for kisses…


Innocent Kisses

2 innocent kisses

Crazy Kisses

3 crazy kisses

Midnight Kisses

4 midnight kisses 1 5 midnight kisses 2

Unearthly Kisses

6 unearthly 1 7 unearthly 2

Dark Kisses

8 dark kisses

Legendary Kisses

9 legendary kisses

Dramatic Kisses

10 dramatic kisses

Elevator Kisses

11 elevator kisses

High-As-A-Kite Kisses

12 high as a kite kisses

Gentle Kisses

13 gentle kisses

Satisfied Kisses

14 satisfied kisses

Surprise Kisses

15 surprise kisses

High School Kisses

16 high school kisses

Now Or Never Kisses

17 now or never kisses

I Will Eat Your Tears Kisses

18 i will eat your tears kisses

Unexpected Kisses

19 unexpected kisses

Shakespeare Kisses

20 shakespeare kisses

Wet Kisses

21 wet kisses

More Wet Kisses

22 more wet kisses

Completely Wet Kisses

23 completely wet kisses

Mad For Each Other Kisses

24 mad for each other kisses - kisses in the rain

Heart Stopping Kisses

25 heart stopping kisses

Stolen Kisses

26 stolen kisses

Now go kiss someone!

27 end kiss

All GIFs via tumblr and onscreenkisses.