While Spring is still refusing to make an appearance, we can still bring a little seasonal infusion of joy and color with some affordable decoration tricks. So here are a few tried and tested tips for spring cleaning decoration.

  • Invigorate any corner with bright flowers. If you decide on artificial ones, just make sure they’re really good quality, for example made out of silk.



  • Add a pop of color with a vibrant piece of furniture.



  • Keep snacks, such as croissants, or fruit on display in a simple, yet effective glass dome.



  • Justify splurging on a new pair of Spring pumps by using them as home decor as well!



  • Use a stylish wine glass to keep your bathroom essentials.



  • Keep fresh flowers in your shower. Decadent, but oh-so-gorgeous!



  • You can never go wrong with tulips. Cat approved!



  • Use an antique tray to keep your beauty products and jewelry well organized.



Enjoy and let’s hope for Spring!