Guess who plays the Witch / Queen / Supreme in the new QUAINT campaign? That’s right, it’s little ol’ me!

The Wicked Empress, the first campaign by QUAINT, is inspired by the extravagant and sumptuous ancient world of Royalty, and therefore combines opulent details with modern simple shapes, and therefore Quaint products are both modern and accessible at the same time. Elaborated embellished pullovers the faded splendor

The collection features six fantasy-fulfilling items, rich in both color and ornamentation, precious fabrics, such as cashmere and wool, intricate detailing with gold crochet embroidery and crystals sewn onto the fabric.

Wicked Empress’ aesthetic signature, opulent glittering stones in deep scarlet reds, midnight blues and emerald greens, represents the very quintessence of royal influences.

The collection is designed for the modern-day empresses, women who break down rules, women who use fashion to express different aspects of their personality, women who dress for themselves.

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