Fendi fall 2010
I’ve always appreciated people who are naturally gifted. Be it someone with a gift for creating music, drawing, painting, dancing, and so forth, the ability to express yourself adequately and, while doing so, create art has always fascinated me. The fascination is surely explained by the fact that I lack any real talent, although I’ve searched long and hard for one. Sure I have a way with words, but the moments when words just start flowing through me and onto paper are scarce. More often than not, the act of writing is a continuous search for the right word and the perfect phrase.Still, one of my new resolutions is to never let not knowing how to do something stop me from actually doing it. Thus, even though I’ve already said I won’t subject anyone else to my drawing skills, or lack of, I’ve decided to give it another chance. And what do you know? I’m not half bad at illustrating clothing. Yet don’t be fooled, as that is the only thing I can put on paper as far as drawing goes.

So with Tudor’s help for the head and hands, I’m introducing a new section called ‘What Would I Wear Today’ showcasing my dream wardrobe. There it is, the explanation for the illustration above. Hope you’ll enjoy this new addition to the blog!

P.S. Speaking of resolutions, I’m not as bold as to promise to post daily, yet be prepared for a definite increase in posting rate! 🙂