Paris and I have a love/hate relationship which changes with its seasons and my moods. Regardless, there is one place that I cannot help but adoring and that is, yes, le Marais. So imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a small shop right here in the heart of Little Paris, Bucharest, called Le Petit Marais. Though skeptical at first, how could it even try to live up to my precious Marais?, I quickly realized that it fully lives up to its name. Le Petit Marais is exclusive and unique, yet still affordable; a very Parisian mix of chic French brands and cool young designers. Essentially it is hypermode.

Suitably, while I generally do not approve of going into a shop and buying a head-to-toe outfit, unless you’re really lacking time, or imagination, this is the exception. The selection of items in Le Petit Marais is so diverse, both style and price wise, that it’s not only easy, but advisable to choose an entire outfit. So today, as you must have already guessed from the title, I’m channeling, no, not Tony Blair, but miss Blair Waldorf.

Ergo, when confronted with any life altering situation, here’s what Blair would do:

• Make things happen! Destiny is just an excuse.

• Always have a plan B. No, better make that a plan C.

• If you can’t make people love you, make them fear you.

• When in doubt, always assume the crazy bitch role.

• Damsels don’t always need saving. They might just love their distress.

• Cinderella might not have google Prince Charming, but you should.

• Be the best of the best.

And most importantly…

I am Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly is me.






Le Petit Marais Dress & Cape & Hairband / Zara Pumps