As some of you know very well, and others will find out soon enough, I have a passion . . . yes, for fashion, but just as strong . . . for everything and anything that Tim Burton creates. Therefore, I comes as no surprise, when I say that I was thrilled, exited, delighted when i heard about the newest Alice in Wonderland movie. Ever since, I have been walking in awe, vibrating at the the sheer though of the movie, driving friends mad while repeatedly asking if they’d heard the good news. After all, what’s more magical, yet natural, that having Tim Burton present his interpretation of what I believe is one of the most beautiful books ever written.
So with the inspiration that this newest Burtonesc creation provided, along with the request of a sweet friend, namely Mina, I am compelled to post the first outfit series for this blog, and for that matter, that I have ever posted. There you have it, I hope you enjoy my take on Alice in Wonderland . . .
Skirt: Manoush
Tank Top: Stefanel
Shirt: American Vintage
Necklace: Galeries Lafayette – Nice, France
Trench coat: Juicy Couture
Gloves: Stefanel
Tights: Falke
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs