As much as I can understand their general appeal, flowers were never something of interest to me. They need special care, and other than some esthetic value offer little in return. Moreover, flowers have a habit of dying that I find utterly disagreeable. Yet once in a blue moon I feel an almost uncontrollable urge to be surrounded by them. Maybe it’s the need to take care of a living thing, even if just for a limited period of time. Or maybe it’s just the irresistible allure of short-lived beauty.

Regardless, the one thing  about flowers that I always loathed was the popular inclination to use them as comparisons for women. I guess there are obvious features that make these comparisons inevitable, and to some extent, even flattering. However, there are all the more ways in which a woman is not like s flower.

A woman is not frail and weak

Women do not exist solely for esthetic reasons

Nor only for reproduction purposes

They should not be classified, or ranked

Women do not sit in one place

And are not easily satisfied

A woman is not conveniently identified by physical characteristics, and must be recognized, explored, and revealed in all of her wonderful complexity.

2-ways-in-which-a-woman-is-not-like-a-flower-fashezine-manoush 3-ways-in-which-a-woman-is-not-like-a-flower-fashezine-manoush 4-ways-in-which-a-woman-is-not-like-a-flower-fashezine-manoush 5-ways-in-which-a-woman-is-not-like-a-flower-fashezine-manoush 6-ways-in-which-a-woman-is-not-like-a-flower-fashezine-manoush

Photography by Tudor Codreanu


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