Cocktails, canapés, and nailpolish at Chanel, cute Louis Vuitton maids, Roman Azzaro and champagne at Valentino, a flashmob at Chloé, more people than I can remember, the new fall collections, a Duke Spirit
concert at Armani, DJ Nathalie Duchêne at Bonpoint,it all summed up to an interesting first fashion event in Paris.
Or otherwise known as Vogue Fashion Night!
Dior presented the house’s new eyeliner Velvet Eyes, as well as the new Miss Dior bag
the fast moving, yet constant line at Chanel
BDSM inspiration at Louis Vuitton. I’m just one ostrich feather duster away.
the beautifully embellished ivory silk Manoush dress /  Juicy Couture trench.
Stella McCartney faux leather handbag
Jimmy Choo sandals
Heaven at Valentino.
and champagne, of course.
a black tulle and lace dream
and a little shooping
Chloé during the Flash Mob. Unfortunatly there were just to many people to be able to properly photograph the actual flashmob . .
Hope the photos, and my very brief reportage made you feel even a little bit of the excitement, thrill, and trepidation that defined last night!