Women always want to look their best when they go out for the evening no matter where they may go. Casinos are one possible nightime destination which is attracting more people due to the boom in mobile casinos such as MobileCasino.co.nz. Casinos are historically portrayed as glamorous venues in films, however, most casinos today really do not have dress codes this formal. Therefore, it is important for women to know what to wear to a casino whether it has a required dress code or not.


Anna Selezneva shot by Knoepfel & Indlekofer and styled by Veronique Didry for Vogue Paris August 2011

Some casinos are more of an upper class venue which will require women to dress up a bit more. They should wear a well coordinated outfit. This can of course consist of either slacks or a skirt for the bottom. Pairing this with a blouse and blazer can make a great look. Some women may prefer to wear a cocktail dress or even their little black dress. Keep in mind to keep the selection from being too revealing.  Shoes to accompany this can of course be heels, however if your casino night will include a lot of walking, you may prefer lower heeled dress shoes. Never wear flip-flops, sandals or athletic shoes to an upper class casino. T-shirts and jeans are also a poor choice. They simply aren’t appropriate. The handbag should match the outfit. Avoid large bulky purses.  While some casinos are of a higher class, some aren’t. These casinos are appropriate places to wear jeans as well as athletic shoes. Simply knowing the reputation of the casino can help women determine what they should wear for a night out on the casino. However, no matter the type of a casino, women should be well put together, clean and have their make-up and hair done. Making sure one looks attractive can help boost confidence when gambling in the casino.


Anna Selezneva shot by Knoepfel & Indlekofer and styled by Veronique Didry for Vogue Paris August 2011

While you can of course guess as the dress code of a casino, it is generally recommended to call the casino or check out their website to learn what they specifically require in the way of dress.