Isabel Marant is the newest designer to associate its name with H&M. And from the ones who wore her knock-offs sneakers without even knowing her name, to those who’ve heard her name around the fashion week circuit once or twice but wouldn’t recognized her on the street if she hit them in the head, to her true followers, we will all get sucked into the madness that comes with each new H&M collaborations.

So let’s start the countdown until the 14th of November when the Isabel Marant capsule collection for H&M will debut in more than 250 H&M stores worldwide. Get ready for ethnic motifs, urban style, versatility and casual chic. Plus, the men in our lives will not be forgotten as Marant will use this occasion to present her all time first collection for men.


Now let’s move on to what seems to be the newest blogging craze: the list! And speaking about ethnic moments, here are my top 5 items for this autumn from what is H&M’s newest, cleanest, and most fashionable line.


1. The Skirt

1 - hm-fall-2013-collection-12

2. The Cape

2 - hm-fall-2013-collection-14

3. The Cap

3 - hm-fall-2013-collection-24

4. The Dress

4 - hm-fall-2013-collection-31

5. The Boots


5 - hm-fall-2013-collection-28


Do we like this these because we like them or because they might be the nicest thing from H&M this Fall?