As I’ve already said, lately I’ve spent most of my days indoors due to boring real-life problems that are too tedious for me to go into. But if there was ever a time to be sick and homebound this was it, as it coincided with the end of the month and that could only mean one thing: my favorite magazines  were just out, warm and fresh from the printers.
And since I had more time that usual to, not only browse, but read and re-read all of them I would like to take a moment and discuss one of my most liked: the Romanian issue of Elle February or what I like to call the erotic-infused Romanian-flavored issue of Elle.
*Caution, long post ahead, I advise you got through the mag, and then come back to my ramblings.
The cover is the epitome of underground cool-ness, with its erotic but cute model, and traditional yet bondage-y styling. And besides promising seduction at its best, the elixir of eternal youth, and hot new trends for the upcoming season, this issue also has a list of the best 115 doctors in Bucharest. What could be better than that for a bed-confined me? Well, there are a few things that are just as good, and they’re all featured in this month’s Elle.
So, what did I like? The New 60s and Minimal Chic trends were just my cup of tea, and I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 page spread on Lingerie Wear. I was happy to see a romanian closet featured in the “Operatiunea Dulapul” section, and especially one this fascinating and eclectic as Madalina Dorobantu‘s; as well as the feature of one of the best fetish lingerie online shopping website: Mise en Cage. As usual, I enjoyed Mihaela Radulescu’s column, and especially her idea of naming a psychologist’s office a “Workshop for fixing people”. I welcomed and was impressed by Adina Nanu‘s interview, the life of whom is more engaging that a lot of the fictional books I’ve come across. Ioana Ulmeanu’s piece on Bucharest was likewise captivating.
As for the fashion spreads,”Cine Iubeste si Lasa” and “Sport&co”,  I appreciated both of them, but especially the traditional Romanian one, and not just because I am not very sports oriented, which I’m not, but because I was also happy to see Lana‘s dress featured in the former. And, I was thrilled to see two of my iBride trays recommended in the ElleDeco section. Aaand, a few more bits and pieces that I will let you discover by yourselves.
What I would have liked differently? More upcoming trends, because as much as I love black, lace and transparencies I would have liked to see more Spring trends, but I’m sure that’s just something to look forward to in the next issues. I don’t really think that Hyde Park on Hudson is necessarily this month’s must-see, but I guess it’s been a slow month movie-wise, and I can’t wait to see Haneke’s Amour. And, I understood and agreed with most of the picks for the world’s stylish hotels, but I’m looking forward to seeing a more niche selection as well. What can I say, I like my hotels luxurious, but small.
What I did not know? About a new place in town, Camera din Față, which I will attempt to check out soon, nor did I know about the website, although I really wish I had, because this way I wouldn’t still be waiting for an order from Taschen that I placed two weeks ago. I didn’t know about the new Zadie Smith novel, and I literally cannot wait to get my hands on it. And beauty wise, I am also meaning to try out the new DIORSHOW Art Pen to complete a 60s-inspired look.


All in all, the best conclusion I can draw is the same as that of the editor-in-chief’s, Roxana Voloseniuc: “It’s very stylish to be healthy!” And it’s easy to be stylish and healthy when you’re reading ELLE!