I’m greeting Paris Fashion Week with my favourite black&white outfit, only this time I’m adding a pink wig. Because, be it bad weather, bad planning, or bad thinking, there’re few things a pink wig can’t fix.
 Between photographers, and interviews, my GQ-worthy boyfriend, Tudor, two Fabulous Muses, plus another amazing duo behind my newest in blog crushes, Tales for Juliette, Ade Lina, and Ale K Sandra, with Georgiana of Vintage Traffic, and Doina of The Golden Diamonds, my girl crush Ulyana Sergeenko, miss Color Stalker, and so many more, it was quite a busy day. And I don’t know about you, but I love feeling busy, and the buzz that comes with exhaustion!
I can’t wait to tell you how this day ended, so stay tuned, and we’ll talk soon!
Photography courtesy of my two favourite photograpers: Ale K Sandra, and Tudor
Have a wonderful week!