Of all the fantasies I was planning to act out in this lifetime, living in an art gallery was by far the most recurrent. While, as you could already see, I like my home to be welcoming and comfortable, with a polish of elegance, and just a dash of quirkiness,  there is still something about living among someone else’s memories that I find strangely and powerfully appealing.

Perhaps I’m a traditionalist. After all, it was Lewis Mumford who said: “Traditionalists are pessimists about the future and optimists about the past.” As so was I, optimist and enthusiastic about spending the day at Supreme Gallery in Bucharest, among history, tradition, and, more importantly, a large number of Art Deco pieces!

A life in an art gallery means that you cease to live solely your own life, and the stories of the objects around you are yours to keep, but not to have, as these must be cherished and protected until you pass them along to their future keepers. Such objects are not meant to be owned by a single person, but they belong to a nation, a culture, or a period, and must be kept safe until they are ready to continue their journey.

So how was living for a day in an art gallery? While passing by the 1920s ceramic lamp especially brought from Miami where it belonged to a collector who bought it from a 5 stars hotel, I decide to have coffee with the Etling Paris Art Deco dancer sculpture. It wasn’t so much because this atelier caters to the likes of Donald Trump, but mostly because a great romanian sculpture, Dumitru Chipăruş, yet who is known by the name of Demetre Chiparus, worked there. Breakfast is served on the Mid Century Maitland-Smith side table and I sit on my favorite 1940s wood and silk Carlo Rampazzi chair. How could it not be my favorite, since Rampazzi is one of Italy’s most extravagant designers, maybe even reminding us of the surrealist works of Dali.

Make-up and general appearance are put together in front of the Paolo Buffo mirror and cabinet. The rest of the day is spend perusing interior decoration magazines, and reviewing and relating the stories of other objects of desire, such as the organic brass sculpture of Curtis Jere.

At the end of the day , there’s nothing else to do than get dressed up, put on a pair of shoes that does credit to the surroundings and accept an Old-Fashioned cocktail from the Ronzan penguin/duck from Italy. More than this, we welcome the night next to a faceted crystal decorative screen. After all, at night everyone has a million faces.

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Zara Dress / Young, Fabulous & Broke Necklace / Swarovski Ring / Dior Shoes

Art Deco Bracelet from Supreme Gallery