It is in our human nature to try and find meaning in everything both exterior and interior to us. And even your favorite ice cream flavor can adequately describe you, or so it would seem according to Ice Cream Flavourology. If this be true, than last week’s La Strada event catered to all tastes and personalities.

From the intuitive and idealistic Vanilla lovers to the competitive and ambitious Chocolate enthusiasts, from the unique Pistachio to the generous and empathetic Cherry, or the thoughtful and shy Strawberry, everyone’s preferences where accommodated during this one of a kind event. For the first time, 8 Romanian designers transformed the street in a special runway. Literally.

Maria Marinescu, Andra Andreescu, Cristian Samfira, Razvan Firea, Madalina Dorobantu, Andreea Tincu, Corina Vladescu si Mirela Fraser gave a new meaning to street fashion. And, in the well known University Square, with the help of a unique 3d mapping projection they brought a magnificent building to life. Colors, forms, people, attitude and diversity are all the ingredients of the ice cream brand that changed the street. For the first time, pret-a-porter fashion, street fashion, technology and architecture directly interacted with each other in order to create a memorable evening.

All courtesy of the must-have accessory for this Summer: La Strada Contemporary Gelato. No matter what your street style is, or what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you, La Strada is the premium brand that indulges your tastes and is tailored for any and every attitude, style and personality.


Enjoy the video, and accessorize with La Strada!


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la-strada-fashezine-1 la-strada-fashezine-2 la-strada-fashezine-3