Do you know that your dress looks like a map of New York? he said to me.
I fiddle with my hair, until hesitantly deciding to tuck it away behind my ear with caution. I say nothing.
He looks at me, looks at the dress, and nervously starts clapping his hands.
I mean, I guess that’s cool now, not that it wasn’t before, he continues. I mean, it’s strange, that’s all. I mean, not abnormal. Just eccentric, and kinda funny. If you know what it mean. He smiles and looks at me.
I push my hands down the pockets of the dress, trying to reach for my safety cigarette. I always have it handy for these kinds of situations. I imagine taking it out, gently lifting it to my lips, putting my hand down my other pocket, taking out the light, lighting the cigarette, and slowly inhaling. But I never do. I don’t see why this time would be any different.
He eventually stops trying to figure out the interworkings of my fabric and looks forward.
We walk like this for an hour, maybe two. I don’t know, it could have been one day or five minutes.
I see joggers running past us, couples hugging and kissing on benches, dogs walking proudly on their respective leashes.
I look down at my black shoes and wonder how I am ever going to get this white dust out of them.
We continue to walk forward with no specific direction or plan. It feels like we haven’t said anything for weeks.
The last days have been a constant going back and forth between this and that, here and there.
I finally lift my eyes to look at him. Do you want to go to New York? I tentatively ask.
No, he said. I’m very happy just being here with you.
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