Being good is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s extenuating on the self (people can be quite challenging to deal with, can’t they?), boring to others, and frankly, a generally big pain in the behind. “Miss goody two shoes”, “prim and proper”, “goodie goodie” are all examples of how too much of a good thing can quickly turn very bad. Thus there comes a time in life when constantly trying to please anyone and everyone and being paralyzed by your need to achieve perfection in everything are not viable options anymore.

It is in game-changing moments like this when one discovers his true self, and I for one have kept the little witch inside me locked away for too long. So what do witches wear on their first day out and about? A flowing, cascading dress from H&M’s Conscious line would do the trick. It might look virginal and prim, but it’s recycled and reused. And even an evil witch knows that not recycling is bad karma, let alone a good one. As for the setting, I found none more appropriate than the newly renovated Hotel Cismigiu. With its blend of old and new, of Art Nouveau and contemporary, and its complex and tumultuous history, dating back to 1912, it could not provide a better decor for the paradox and oddity that is a good witch.

I am not going to burden you with more details, as it is Monday after all, and I’m sure you’re already terribly busy looking for your own little witches or wizards. So this week’s challenge: put on your most whimsical outfit and take your inner witch out for a stroll in the city. Because, after all, what’s life without a little witchiness?

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H&M Conscious Embroidered Dress

Vintage Flower Headband / Chanel Sandals