On the Triviality of Breakfast and the Utopia of Friendship
Although I never fully enjoyed having either of them, I was always attracted to the concept of both breakfast, and friendship. Luckily, the two are now quite passé, yet when given the chance to study the phenomena up close, I could not say no to this sociological opportunity.
Don’t even start to form an argument against my introduction, because if we’re really honest with ourselves we’re bound to admit that true friendship is an utopia, and any meal without wine is not deserving to be called a meal at all. Yes, I am drinking a glass of red while writing this, but that should in no way give you the impression that I am anything but fair.
Now, coming back to the matter at hand, whether it’s breakfast at home or in any type of establishment, it’s all a hassle. In order to prepare it at home you have to have ingredients, time, the necessary disposition… And don’t even get me started on having to go out for breakfast, because by the time I look remotely presentable, my first meal of the day has long lost the right to be called breakfast. Also, there is no social website, and I’m guessing no person owning a smart phone, with no photos of a croissant or cappuccino, just to ensure that the concept is trivial enough.
But, once in a blue moon, and preferably in a strange and distant land, a good breakfast is exactly what you need. And friendship doesn’t look that foreign anymore either.

Photography courtesy of Tales for Juliette with the sweet Adelina and the ironic Catalina

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