“I have – after years of extensive study on the subject – come up with the definitive list of what you actually need in your handbag.

1. Something that can absorb huge quantities of liquid
2. Eyeliner
3. Safety pin
4. Biscuit

This covers all eventualities. You will need nothing else.”

– Caitlin Moran, How to be a Woman

As exhaustive as Caitlin Moran’s list is, my new bag crush of the month can encompass so much more. So for your voyeuristic pleasure here is the daily content of my handbag:


1. Cathias Edeline by Ana Morodan -The Red Alert Bag

2. iPhone with Scotch & Soda Leather Case

3. Nasomatto Perfume – Black Afgano purse size

4. Celine Brooch

5. Gucci Card Holder

6. Fashezine Business Cards

7. Moleskin Planner

8. Waterman Pen

9. The Red Lipstick



Photography by Tudor Codreanu


 Zara Top / Arina Varga Pants / Steve Madden Flats

Danza Boutique Necklace / Vintage Rings


What’s in your bag?