As promised before here I am today with a ‘thank you so much for the birthday wishes’ surprise: a young designer dress giveaway!
Even though I love a lot of already well-established brands as mush as the next person, I also cannot resist the allure of discovering the work of a young and talented new designer.
Thus it is my pleasure to be able to give you one of these two Lana dresses!
Both are custom digital printed 100% cotton and you might remember them from the In the nude, and Printed dreams posts. For more pictures of these very special dresses just go to Lana’s website.
As for the rules, these are simple:
1. Follow my blog on Bloglovin’ HERE, AND/OR on Google Friend Connect HERE. Those who are already following skip this part and just go to no.2
2. Write a comment saying which of the above dresses you would love to see in your closet 🙂
Will it be the nude print, or the traditional Romanian print?
You can leave a comment for each of the options from no.1 so you can have a maximum of TWO entries.
The giveaway will be open for 2 weeks, until the 1st of June.
And the winner will be sorted out randomly.


Hurry in choosing one, because it seems that my kitties are already bonding with each of them 🙂


Good luck to all of you!