Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide. 
There’s no better time than a hot summer day to stop, smell the roses, and be thankful for all those important things around us, family, friends, and our favorite pair of sunglasses. Because what would you do in the face of the torrid sun without a pair of sunglasses, and what would you be if not defined by your choice of brand and model.
Celebrities wear them, hipsters made them famous, and you can even borough your boyfriend’s and still look amazing, you know I’m talking about Ray Ban. Created in 1936 out of sheer need, Ray Bans are worn nowadays for pure pleasure.
And since we’re talking Ray Bans, you know there’s nothing like the iconic Aviator and Wayfarer models, because no matter what fashion character you’re channeling today one of these beauties will definitely go perfect with it. Aviator Sunglasses and the Wayfarer are to sunglasses what a jeans and a white tee are to clothing: basic, effortless, and absolutely necessary.
And if you must choose, and if you’re still undecided on which you should get, then test Ray Ban’s Virtual Mirror, the funnest fashion web app I’ve seen lately. Just allow access to your web cam, position your eyes on the dotted line, and try on all the Ray Bans your heart desires. Enjoy!
Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide. Except behind a great pair of Ray Bans.