We all have moments that we would like to collect for save keeping and for later use in times of heart breaks or headaches. As for me, I always wished I could take snapshots of instances in life which would contain the complexities of emotions, or the simplicity of life’s s mall joys.

So here are a few of life’s snapshots that I wish I might save for later:

• Long hugs from loved ones, from long lost friends, to friends who are always on your side, from boyfriend to parents.

• Falling asleep in the arms of your beloved.

• The feeling of fulfillment and true belonging.

• Wrapping yourself up in a warm towel after a long bath.

• Finding that perfect new dress.

• Dancing when/like nobody is watching.

• Remembering childhood, and running around the house playing with your darling pet.

• The moments when you meet up with old friends and realize nothing changed between you two.

• Getting excited about new ideas and projects.

• Feeling the sun on your skin on a lazy Sunday.

• • • 
What about you? What are your snapshot-worthy life moments? 

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