Anyone whose ever owned a high-end wristwatch understands that it’s more than just an accessory; it’s a sign of prestige, and there are certain markers that define it as a luxury timepiece. In a blog post by Timepiece Perfection, the four factors that characterize these watches are in-house movements, brand, the appearance as a piece of jewelry, and complexity of its functions. Although some manufacturers have got the brand part down to perfection, by this very definition, a smartwatch will never be considered fancy, but various companies are putting in the extra effort to change our views on the subject.

“Stainless steel watches are timeless classics,” explains fashion aggregator Lyst, so the idea of applying ‘smart’ functions to a timepiece never occurred to collectors that it could join the ranks of elite watches. A handful of watchmakers have teamed up with mobile tech companies to feed into the wearable technology fanfare to demonstrate that function can equate to quality, with a few world-renowned manufacturers listed below:

Hermès Apple Watch


Apple was the first to debut their take on the smartwatch, which was essentially perceived as a computer for your wrist that would only be of interest to tech savvy consumers. But when they introduced the 18-karat yellow and rose gold products, both luxury watch collectors and brands were intrigued. Soon, a partnership between Apple and Hermès was born, with the smartwatch coming in three beautifully crafted designs using leather straps, starting at US $1,100.

Tag Heuer Connected


Powered by Google, Tag Heuer is another manufacturer to join the smartwatch obsession. Earlier this month, the Swiss company unveiled Tag Heuer Connected, a first of its kind with an Intel chip inside. The iconic craftsmanship is evident in the grade 2 titanium build embellished with sapphire crystals, attached to a black rubber strap that can be switched out with other colors that are sold separately. The watch costs US $1,500.

Movado Bold Motion


The latest to join in the race is the ‘Museum Watch’ makers Movado, recently joining forces with Hewlett-Packard to engineer their analog smartwatch for a technological upgrade to their signature design. One of the most notable features of this product is its ability to survive one week without a single charge. The product is a fraction of the cost of the first two, priced at US $695.