10:03 Weather is sunny with a hint of excitement. (guess we all know who read Palahniuk last night)
10:07 Pull my hair up tightly in a bun to ensure all the inspiration doesn’t spill down.
10:09 Wash my face, gather up some thread, sequins and dreams, and hope for the best.


10:15 Have toast with a handful of deer-related materials. Their innocence is our innocence, their lives our lives, my hopes your hopes.
13:21 Stop for a bowl full of sequins with a side of beads.
17:00 Still hard at work. Sewing our lives and dreams together with silver coloured thread.
20:02 Trying to dig my way out of a mountain of beads for a breath of fresh air. Once out I discovered the air was actually full of sequins.


23:00 It seems that sequins make for excellent night-time lighting. All sorts of feelings make their way out of the dark.


03:05 You talk to me while I carry on sewing. Your words glitter under my hands. My sweater is embellished with the memory of how young we were tonight.

Sequin deer skull top hand embellished by me / Leather shorts by Topshop / 

Stag ring by Topshop / Boots by Lanvin