inordinate self-esteem: conceit
 a reasonable or justifiable self-respect
 delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship
 ostentatious display
I am Romanian and proud. I might not write very much about it here on Fashezine, since the intention is to keep the blog international, but I like to think that I display it in my everyday life, and show it in the way I conduct myself. It is true that I have graduated from an international university in Monaco, and that I came back to Bucharest afterwards, yet I did so not because of necessity, but drove by a desire to achieve something here in Romania. Thus, I am proud of our culture, of our designers, and of each and every achievement a Romanian accomplishes nationally or internationally. 
So, by the sheer logic of consequence, I was similarly proud when the first street style features showcasing Romanians at Paris Fashion Week emerged. Yet we live in difficult times when actions and motives are being questioned, and the very meaning of fashion is brought up for consideration. Similarly, though on a smaller scale, the microcosmos of our Romanian fashion scene is being rattled. Because the problem with pride is that it is two-sided, and it can easily go from reasonable self-respect to ostentatious conceit.

I too participated in the extravaganza that is Fashion Week, both inside and outside the tents. The first time out of coincidence, I was living in Paris at the time after all, the second time to fully take in the experience, and the third time to make sure I understood it correctly. Just like Mae West said: “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.” I too was photographed, and featured, and interviewed. Furthermore, I like to think that I am confident enough to live and let live, to let others express themselves in whichever manner they choose to be appropriate.

Yet I cannot stand by and let a fragrant and crass display of arrogance go unnoticed and unmentioned. As I’ve said before, the fashion world gets enough backlash as being superficial and consumerist, without anyone else adding anymore fuel to the fire. And I suggest we start showing justifiable pride, and demanding respect by showing respect.
How to start getting the respect you think you deserve? Start by following these simple rules:
• Don’t lie (and that includes omission, exaggeration, denial, duplicity, and any type of deception be it verbal or visual)
• When posting on any social network use more words than the overrated: love, friendship, amazing, fabulous, and other such clicheic trivialities. 
• Do you believe you speak fashion, and English? Than I would suggest you reconsider buying yet another H&M or Zara dress and spend the money on a Beginners English course at your nearest language school.
• Be true to your own style, and personality, and stop pretending to be someone else. Bag Borrow or Steal is just a website, not a way of life.
• Stay humble.
Proudly wearing Etno jacket by Lana 
(buy it at or at Molecule f)
Stella Rittwagen Clutch, courtesy of Danza Boutique
Asos Hat & Sunglasses / Christian Lacroix Boots
Enjoying ironic-iconic moments with Catalina Vornica
And now for some real Romanian Street Style with the Etno print jacket that Lana designed for PUMA, which I proudly got to wear as part of the limited edition “PUMA T7 Etno Shake” project.