A couple of interesting and more or less unexpected things happened recently. Remember how I said that I would love to get away for a few days? Well, now I get a chance to do that, and more, as I’m going to New York. Tomorrow. Somewhat unexpected for me too, but yes, I’m packing as we speak, or rather, as I’m typing. And if this wasn’t enough, the other day a nicely wrapped package arrives at my door. And it has the new Miu Miu shoes, the sparrows print version! As you can imagine, the general mood here is happy happy happy 🙂
I won’t bring a laptop with me, as I just want to go to some galleries (yes, Tim Burton at MoMA in on the top of my list!!!), meet up with friends, take photos, take walks, reflect a bit. That means that for the next ten days, it’s closed shop here, but I’m sure you have a lot of things to keep yourself distracted with. in the meantime. And I promise I’ll make up for it with lots of new outfits, photos, and everything and anything that I find of interest or stumble upon in New York.
I wore the Miu Miu shoes with white tights and a BCBG Max Azria dress, that I originally got in Nice for the graduation cocktail. By the way, did you know what BCBG stands for Bon Chic Bon Genre? I too found out in French class recently, quite interesting.
So to sum up, they’re here and I’m off. Have fun while I’m gone and smile!
(and I leave you with a few of the pidgeons that I feed in the morning, and also if you have any New York tips&tricks do share)