I know that to some my life may seem idyllic, I am free to make my own schedule, I constantly get involved in a variety of interesting fashion and lifestyle related projects, and spent most of my time surrounded by beautiful things and people. Yet it is anything but, for I am going through quite a major life change that envolves a challenging new project, and a change of house, and, implicitly, country.
However, there are some days that remind me just how easy breezy my life can be sometimes. And one of these times was at a fashionistas meetup that Diva Hair arranged. So, with Oana, Diana&Alina, Sandra&Evelina, Andreea, and a few other stylish girls, I laughed, exchanged clothes, decided on which shoes go with what, and chatted about close to anything fashion and life related. You know . . the important stuff 🙂
photos courtesy of Diana & Diva Hair
All dressed up in an all D&G nautical inspired outfit.
with my own MiuMiu
Still playing around with the fab girls Alina
and Diana
And here we all are still dressed up,

dress_up_diva_hair_9and in our own outfits.

This was, by far, one of the easiest ways in which one can spend an entire day, while still feeling it was somehow meaningful 🙂