Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because I am about to show you a story about high society and fine porcelain, a story about beauty and class. It was not long ago when women used to wear beautiful dresses, and act poised and elegant in society. There was a time when high society dazzled the world with its glamour, a time of aristocracy, elaborate gatherings and elaborate clothing.

Earlier this week, the modern countess Ana Morodan along with Wagner created a beautiful line of fine porcelain meant to remind us of a more classy time. I have known about Wagner – Beautiful Arts and Stories for some time know, as I have always been aware of the exquisite beauty and preciousness of their creations. Similarly, Ana continues to be an avid enthusiasts of all things charming and aristocratic.

The success of this mixture could be nothing less than electrifying and stimulating. Thus I urge you to acquire at least one of the beautiful porcelain pieces if not for their beauty alone, then at least for the satisfaction of owning a small piece of high society. After all, as Oscar Wilde so rightly, as always, said it:

” To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy.”









Photography by Tudor Codreanu


Wagner by Ana Morodan Porcelain / High Society by Assouline

Radical Chic Dress / Random Necklace / Zara (of course) Pumps