The other day I was talking with some friends about the movie Avatar. I hadn’t seen it, and actually still haven’t. The general concensus was that although the subject isn’t very new or noteworthy, come to think about it I didn’t hear anyone talk about the subject really, the movie’s worth seeing because of its technique. and technology used. How much added value does the latest technology bring to a subject, can it entirely replace the subject? Is the latest technology enough for the work to be of value?
So this morning when I was browsing through editorials I started thinking about how much does the latest technology in fashion photography count. The question came up: should we take editorials to the next level? How old is to old? How far is too far? Let’s take a look at two fashion photographer with opposed styles and approaches.
First, we have Ellen Rogers, who uses analog photography, with no digital post-processing or other ulterior manipulation.
Then, we have a 3D editorial by Baldovino Barani for Archetype X magazine. It would definetly come in handy if you would have a pair of 3D glasses lying around.