The stereotypical French, and ELLE Collections’ Fashion Phrase Book.

The French are a complex and very specific people, a people prone to a variety of cliches and stereotypes, yet a far too elaborate one to even try to describe here. Suffice to say, they are a perfect paradox, that we love to hate, and hate to love.

So if you need any help on navigating the tricky waters of Paris during Fashion Week just rely on ELLE COLLECTIONS Fashion Phrase Book. No matter if you’re a Fashion novice or not, you’ll be sure to pass as a native speaker when using these key phrases:
  • C’est Hallucinant [There are no words]
  • Mais où est cette foutue voiture? [Where is the bloody car?]
  • Il y aura de quoi manger? [Will there be food]
  • Allonz chez Topshop un peu en avance pour manger un morceau. [Let’s get to the Topshop venue early for food]
  • Les fêtes dans les magasins, c’est fini pour moi. Mais où sont passées les pistes de dance? [I can’t go to one more party in a shop. Whatever happened to dance floors?]
  • Un gin en pain milieu de la journée? C’est dangereux ça. [Gin at noon? You’re playing a dangerous game.]
  • Du chewing gum – génial, je meurs de faim! [Tennis ball bubble fum – thank God, I’m starving!]
  • C’est encore loin? [How far is it?]
  • On arrivera à l’heure? [Will we get there in time?]
  • Où est-ce que je peux charger mon téléphone? [Where can I charge my phone]
  • Quand est-ce que je peux changer de chaussures et mettre mes chaussures plates? [When can I change into flats?]
  • Quelqu’un aurait-il vu mon carnet? [Has anyone seen my notebook?]
  • On est quel jour? [What day is it?]
  • On est en quelle année? [What year is it?]
  • Je peux avoir un petit oeuf? [Can I have a little egg?]
  • C’était très impoli! [That was so rude!]
  • Je vais avoir cinq minutes de retard [I’m running five minutes late]
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