As I remember it, New York was grand, one minute you’re having lunch and the next you’re visiting a new designer’s showroom and seeing the city from a skyline terrace. It was big, too big for someone who has an exhaustive approach to basically anything, aka me. It was vibrant, so many engaging things where happening everywhere at anytime. It was loud, this city really doesn’t sleep at night does it? But more than anything, it was so utterly inspiring. In two words, it was New York, everything you would expect and some more, a city which accommodates so many nationalities, that it has morphed into a space that caters to mostly all tastes.

Colgate Max White One has prepared the coolest, and by far the easiest way of winning a stylish getaway to the city of all dreams: your smile. That’s right, the “New York – a smile away” campaign, which lasts exactly one month, between the 9th of May and the 9th of June 2013, not only promotes healthy and bright smiles, but can be your ticket to New York.


And all you have to do is smile.


Both on Colgatemaxwhite.ro and on the Facebook Colgate Romania page you can find a specially designed application where the photographer Rupert Prescott offers tips and tricks for a professional photo shoot that could take you on a glamorous overseas adventure for two. Thousands of other instant prizes can be found in all the partner shops, and during the weekend the MAX style team, Catalin Opritescu and Ana Morodan, has prepared a series of special activities, all designed to give you the perfect accessory: a bright smile.


You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

– Annie (1982) Lyrics –









Photography by Tudor Codreanu


That being said, I have assembled a packing list with everything you need for a New York voyage, because any great adventure starts with a bit of planning.

• Colgate Max White One toothpaste and mouthwash. With Colgate’s new whitening system you can get one shade whiter teeth in just 7 days, so you better start now if you what to be Big Apple ready!

• Cat-Eye Sunnies. I could never get tired of a nice pair of cat-eye shaped sunglasses, and neither should you.

• The Red Dress. There’s no better moment for a show-stopping dress than a special New York night.

• Basics. Load your suitcase with black and white basics which will go great with a touch of statement red.

• The Skirt. Wrinkle-free fabric are a travel’s best friend, and a viscose and elastane skirt is no exception.

• Fashionable flats. New York is best explored and discovered on foot, so every girl needs a pair of flats that is front-row worthy.

• A versatile pump. Since packing space is always an issue, a pair of pumps that’s both sexy and comfortable is definitely a must-pack.

• A fanciful pair of sandals. Yet, no matter how light you try to pack, no girl should go without a whimsical shoe.

• Big Apple Red Nail Polish. Regardless of what make-up you choose, an exemplary New York red nail polish should occupy a prime spot in your cosmetics bag.

• Digital Camera. Every New York instance is a camera worthy moment, so you better have you photo camera on-hand.

• The travel notepad. The conscious adventurer needs a suitable notepad to remember all his experiences.

• And never forget to pack a chic toothbrush. Colgate 360° Max White One has just the perfect one!





Put on your best smile and enter the competion!